4 tips to fish from a kayak and get a good catch

November 3, 2015

Fishing from a kayak can be a great experience, with the freedom to move to different spots and the challenge of fishing directly on the water. There are a few tips to keep in mind next time to pack your rod into your kayak.

4 tips to fish from a kayak and get a good catch

4 tips for fishing from kayaks

Kayaking is a great activity because it allows an intimate, one- or two-person exploration of nature.

  • Kayak-fishing is less costly because kayaks have lower purchase and maintenance prices.
  • They're better for fishing because they are quieter and there's no boat ramp, so you can fish from anywhere.  If you need a quiet day out on the water, you can always count on your kayak because you can't take anyone else in a single-person kayak.

1. Pick the right kayak

Not every kayak is meant for fishing, so if you're buying or renting one, be sure to consult a person at the store to ensure you pick the right kayak.

  • You'll want to pick an appropriate vessel to suit the body of water you're going out into, like the ocean, river or a lake.
  • Not every kayak is going to be the right fit so decide where you're going to be doing your fishing the most and then go into the store to decide if you need a kayak for fast-moving water or still, calm waters works best.
  • You also want to ensure that the kayak has room to move around and enough storage room for fish and equipment.

2. Master drifting

  • Most fish are caught in a kayak when you are drifting, rather than paddling.
  • As you drift, your kayak will point in a different direction than you were originally going, and you will need to figure out how to eventually steer it back on course.
  • One way to control the boat while you fish is to hold the rod in one hand while you paddle yourself onto the course with the other.

3. Use an anchor

Get an anchor for your kayak so that when you come upon the best spot for fish, you can drop it and stay still.

  • While there isn't much room in a kayak for anything heavy or large, consider investing in a 3-pound anchor to help keep you in place.
  • Folding anchors are a popular choice because they take up less room and can be stowed away in your kayak more easily.

4. Bring a fish cooler

  • If you plan to keep the fish you catch, make sure you bring a small cooler for storing fish.
  • Not any cooler will do, especially in the warm summer months. Opt for both an airtight and watertight cooler, as this keeps your catch fresh and safe when you're out on the water for an extended period.
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