4 tips to keep hands healthy in the winter

Four tips to keep hands healthy in the winter

Frosty cold air and dry central heating take a toll on skin. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your hands in the wintertime.

4 tips to keep hands healthy in the winter

Gloves are cool

Wearing gloves during the winter is a simple way of protecting your hands from the wind and cold temperatures. Leather gloves are more effective than cotton ones. Don't forget to wear rubber gloves when doing housework, which will stop disinfectants, chemicals and hot water from damaging your skin. Constant exposure to hot water, cold and wind will crack the skin, making it difficult to heal.

Moisturize your hands

Using a hand cream will nourish and moisturize your skin and keep it soft during the winter. Hand moisturizers containing Shea butter or coconut oil help keep the skin soft and provide a protective barrier to trap in moisture. Don't forget to include the areas between your fingers and thumbs. Take a small jar of hand cream to work so you can replenish your skin during the day. In addition, you should reapply hand cream after washing your hands. This is particularly important if you work in a health care setting where frequent hand washing takes place.

Be kind to your body

Dehydration affects the body and especially the skin, which leads to damaged hands. During the winter, drink plenty of water and avoid excesses of alcohol, which is known to dehydrate the body, leading to flakier skin. Don't forget to get some fresh air too (wearing gloves) and ensure your diet is rich in fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamins, as this boosts healing. Avoid staying too close to the heater because the hot air can dehydrate your skin quickly.

Treat yourself

During the winter months, give your hands a treat with a nourishing skin scrub, moisturizing soak and manicure. This helps keep your hands moisturized and looking good for the party season. There's nothing quite like a pair of well manicured hands to finish off a special outfit, and winter is the perfect time to glam up those nails.

If you follow the above tips, not even cold, winter weather can stop you from having gorgeous hands this winter.

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