4 tips for preparing a resplendent rose bouquet

November 24, 2014

Are you a DIY bride hoping to carry her handmade bouquet down the aisle? Here are our top four tips on making and preserving your own bridal bouquet of roses.

4 tips for preparing a resplendent rose bouquet

Congratulations! You’re getting married! And good for you for saving a few bucks by making your own rose bridal bouquet. Here are a few tips on how to make a rose bouquet that will not only complement your dress, but help make your special day perfect.

1. Choose the right roses

  • Your main rose choice should be one that complements your wedding colours. You can add additional colours and flowers to help accentuate the main roses.
  • Choose roses that are in the bud stage, open, or both. No matter what, ensure they have good petals and straight stems.
  • In fact, you’ll want to make sure that the stems of your primary colour roses are sturdy, as they’ll be doing the majority of the heavy lifting in the bouquet.

2. Hydrate before showtime

  • Trim the bottom of each stem at least 2.5 centimetres (one inch). Take off extra leaves and thorns and place the roses in a vase with fresh water. Ensure the water has been mixed with plant food.
  • Leave the roses in the water for three to four hours so they can drink up all the nutrients from the food. This will extend their life considerably.
  • Once the roses are fully hydrated, take them out of the vase and bring them to the sink. Hold each stem under running water and trim another 2.5 to five centimetres (one to two inches) off the stem at a 45-degree angle.
  • Do not trim the stem too short or the roses will be difficult to arrange in the bouquet.
  • Once trimmed, keep holding the stems under water for a few minutes so they can get another drink.

3. Build your bouquet from the centre out

  • Choose the prettiest, most open rose bud as the centre of your bouquet.
  • Then select another three flowers and arrange around the centre one. This group of four is now your base on which to build.
  • Secure with floral tape at the mid-point of the stem where the hand will hold it comfortably.
  • Holding the bouquet in one hand, use your other hand to select and add flowers one at a time to the base. Every four flowers or so, secure together with floral tape, ensuring you’re always binding at the same spot.
  • Add as many flowers as you desire for your bouquet, and feel free to add a variety that will complement your wedding design and colour.

4. Preserve in the cold

  • Once you are satisfied with the shape of the bouquet, wrap the entire stem of the arrangement with one last round of floral tape.
  • Cover with ribbon or whatever fabric goes with your design. Secure the ribbon with straight pins that have balls on the head.
  • Push them in upwards with the sharp point towards the flowers to avoid pricking your hands.
  • Trim the bottom of the stems so they are all the same length.
  • Finally, keep the bouquet wrapped in tissue paper and store in the fridge until needed.

Now go get yourself hitched!

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