4 tips to make the most of your shampoo and soap

July 29, 2015

You're not going to stop using soap, shampoo or conditioner any time soon, but you could stop spending so much on having to replenish them frequently. Here's how to hold onto them, and your hard-earned money, for longer.

4 tips to make the most of your shampoo and soap

1. Stretch shampoo and conditioner

  • Most of us tend to dump more shampoo or conditioner into our hands than we really need.
  • To prevent this waste, just add water.
  • A little water added to the bottles will makes the products last longer, and they'll continue to work just as well.
  • Many shampoos now come with conditioner already added so you don't have to purchase them separately.

2. That versatile shampoo

Aside from cleaning hair, shampoo has many other uses that can save you money and help out in a pinch. Here are just a few of them:

  • If you run out of shaving cream, shampoo makes an excellent substitute. Use it straight from the bottle, adding just enough water to work up a good lather.
  • Use tears-free baby shampoo to remove eye makeup.
  • Make a bubble bath using a gentle shampoo.
  • Use your regular shampoo and a nailbrush to clean combs and hairbrushes. The nailbrush gets between the teeth of the comb and the bristles of the brush to help the shampoo rid them of dirt, lint, and skin oils.

3. Save soap slivers

  • Don't throw out your last sliver of bar soap when you open a new bar. Avoid waste by attaching the sliver to the new bar instead.
  • First moisten both the sliver and the new bar.
  • Rub the new bar until it lathers a bit and then stick the sliver on top.
  • It will dry as one with the new bar.
  • If you would rather not deface a brand-new soap bar, you can still put those slivers to good use by inserting them in a sponge or washcloth to soap yourself with while bathing or showering.

4. Extend your liquid soap

Liquid hand soap is more expensive than bar soap but you can cut the cost substantially by using a few simple techniques to make liquid soap last longer.

  • When the dispenser is half empty, add enough water to fill it and shake gently to mix. The diluted soap will still do a good job of cleaning your hands…at half the cost.
  • Once the dispenser is empty, refill it with a 50-50 mix of liquid soap and water.
  • Try less expensive brands for refills or even inexpensive brands of shampoo that come in large containers. These can clean as well as expensive liquid soaps and can be mixed with water as well.
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