4 tips to refresh patio furniture

November 3, 2015

Four tips to refresh patio furniture

When spring arrives, it's time to get the patio furniture out and reconnect with the great outdoors. Try these four tips to freshen up your patio furniture in the spring.

4 tips to refresh patio furniture

1. Clean cushions

Dirt, grime and mildew can collect on patio furniture over time, obscuring its appeal. A simple solution of equal parts sodium borate and dishwashing detergent dissolved in a bucket of water makes an affordable, effective cleaning solution for cushions. Pour into a spray bottle and spritz away!

Saturate both sides of the cushion, making sure the spray penetrates all corners and creases. Let the cushions dry for 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse them with a garden hose and place them in the sun to dry. Keep furniture clean using a spray-on fabric protector.

If fabric cushion covers are removable, simply toss them in the washing machine. Outdoor furniture fabric is engineered to stand up to the elements and can be safely washed. Dry the covers in the sun and take advantage of its powerful natural cleaning and disinfecting properties.

2. Restore appeal with paint

A fresh coat of paint can make nearly any piece of furniture, whether wood, metal or wicker, look like new. Spray paint is easy to use, inexpensive and delivers beautiful results. Just be sure to paint outdoors, as the fumes can be dangerous in enclosed spaces. Don't be afraid to experiment with a bright, bold colour. If you don't like it, you can always paint over it.

You can even spray paint faded cushions in a pinch. Although this may not be a long-term solution, it can see you through another the season in style. Thoroughly wash and dry all furniture before beginning, as paint adheres better to a clean, dry surface.

3. Reupholster seats

Upholstery may fade and lose lustre over time. What's one simple way to restore furniture to like-new condition? Reupholster the seats. If you're handy, you can take on this project yourself. All it takes is a staple gun and the fabric of your choice.

You can also hire an upholsterer to do the job. Although you'll have to fork over some money, the cost is far more affordable than buying a new set. For a less costly fix, invest in slipcovers. A nod to the "shabby chic" trend, slipcovers not only make a delightful contribution to a breezy summer porch, but can easily be switched out according to your whims.

4. Buy new furniture

Sometimes no amount of cleaning, painting and slip covering can restore furniture that has outlived its life expectancy. A variety of options exist for homeowners searching for a patio redo. Furniture stores, big box retailers and online auction sites are great spots to find both new and used patio furniture.

Another option? Before storing your patio furniture when the days turn cold, check it for signs of excess wear and tear. If it's time for an upgrade, late summer sales offer the best deals.

There's no need to be embarrassed by unsightly patio furniture when refreshing it is a matter of a few simple techniques. Take time to spruce it up, then invite your favourite party guests over and prepare to get your grill on!

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