4 top Canadian lakes for trout fishing

November 3, 2015

Canada is known for its outdoor splendour, and many Canadians -- as well as visitors -- enjoy taking part in recreational activities. Outdoor fishing enthusiasts are active across the country. There are many great lakes with fantastic opportunities to explore, so check out the list below to learn more about the best ones for lake trout fishing.

4 top Canadian lakes for trout fishing

1. Lake Savant

  • Lake Savant, located in Northwestern Ontario, encompasses about 36,420 hectares and 658 Km of shoreline.
  • The lake is a private lake, and it is only open to guests of the Wildewood Adventure resort.
  • The Savant River, just off the lake, connects to the Albany River and James Bay.
  • This means that there is a large variety of fish in the lake with a complex food chain.
  • In the 9-Km class, the lake trout in Lake Savant are some of the biggest in the country. An angler once caught a 19-Km trout here.

2. Great Slave Lake

  • Great Slave Lake is one of the biggest lakes in the Northwest Territories.
  • Because Great Slave Lake is so expansive and deep, it's an excellent place to fish for a wide variety of fish -- particularly lake trout.
  • The trout in this lake are enormous. Some as big as 27 km have been caught here.
  • Great Slave Lake has a great inn by the lake called Plumer's Arctic Lodge.

3. Aikens Lake

  • Aikens Lake is one of Manitoba's, and the country's, best fishing destinations.
  • The lake is located near an inlet of the Gammon River, which is located in the Atikaki Wilderness Provincial Park.
  • Aikens Lake is known for having mammoth lake trout, which are particularly plentiful in early spring.
  • The trout in Aikens Lake swim in deep water, which indicates that they are large and healthy.
  • The Wilderness Lodge associated with the lake has the proper equipment to easily reach and bring in large trout.

4. Great Bear Lake

  • Great Bear Lake, NT is Canada's largest lake, and it's also the fourth largest lake in North America.
  • Only 300 people are allowed to fish the lake each year, which means that there is a good chance of catching outstanding trout.
  • Great Bear Lake is home to about 15 species of fish, but its catch is often labelled as some of the best in the world.
  • Great Bear Lake also has a great supply of Arctic char.
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