4 top Canadian ski destinations for thrill seekers

November 3, 2015

Every winter, ski enthusiasts head for the mountains in search of challenging slopes and deep powder. Here are 4 destinations that offer some Canada’s best vertical runs, ungroomed terrain and plenty of snowfall.

4 top Canadian ski destinations for thrill seekers

1. Banff

Banff National Park in Alberta is home to Sunshine Village, a world-renowned destination for winter sports enthusiasts, and features two of the most challenging ski courses in the world: Delirium Dive and Wild West.

  • Delirium Dive is a double black diamond run that includes free-ride zones through very steep avalanche terrain. Offering one of Canada's most extreme off-piste experiences, this course requires skiers to carry an avalanche transceiver and travel in pairs. Almost sheer drops and a pitch of around 50 degrees for much of the trail make this an exciting and terrifying trip.
  • Wild West is an area home to several double black diamond runs on Goat's Eye Mountain. Careful attention to weather and avalanche issues are essential here, and closures happen frequently. Before planning a day on these slopes, be sure to call to find out whether the area is open. Natural hazards are not marked, adding to the danger, so these trails are for experts only.

2. Revelstoke

A relatively new entrant into the world of expert slopes, Revelstoke features a gondola and two fast chairlifts, giving it the biggest vertical on the continent. Combine that with approximately 1,215 hectares (3,000 acres) of slopes and an average of 12 metres of powder per year and you have a world-class destination. The ungroomed and very steep trails make for a challenging ride, even for experienced skiers.

3. Fernie

Hiring a guide for your first trip to Fernie is a good idea since much of the slope is under the treeline and the runs have long traverses and unmarked or poorly marked sections. With an average snowfall of 9 metres per year, Fernie has plenty of powder and changing conditions to satisfy even the most dedicated adrenaline seeker.

4. Whistler and Blackcomb

This resort, which spans both mountains, has trails suitable for almost any experience level. Experts will enjoy the open bowls at higher elevations, which have the most regular snowfall. While Whistler and Blackcomb attract skiers of all abilities, it is a particularly popular destination among experts seeking rides that will put their abilities to the test.

There are great options for skiing across Canada, but these four are definitely top contenders for the most challenging and exhilarating slopes.

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