4 unexpected health benefits of facials

Getting a facial at a spa is a good way to relax and clear up skin. However, many people don't realize that facials have some additional unexpected health benefits. If you want to learn more about how a facial can help improve your health and well being, check out the list below.

4 unexpected health benefits of facials

1. Healthier skin

  • The most obvious benefit of getting a facial is that it improves your skin's health. But a facial does more than simply clear away acne.
  • In reality, facials do many things for skin health, like improve your skin's ability to retain water and stay hydrated, which helps your skin stay young-looking and supple.
  • It also can make pores smaller so that they are less susceptible to gathering dirt and debris, which can cause acne and infections.
  • Facials also remove pollutants from the skin that can make your body sick, and they feed skin with necessary vitamins, like Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
  • Facials are also known for staving off wrinkles and reducing discolouration from sun over exposure.

2. Better circulation

  • When blood circulates to a part of your body, it stays healthy and nourished.
  • Thus, facials are good for your health because the warm steam used opens up the blood vessels in your face and neck, allowing blood to flow more easily through them.
  • Also, when your aesthetician applies products to your face and neck, it helps bring blood to the area, boosting circulation.

3. Reduces congestion

  • Facials can be surprisingly good for people with congested nasal passageways or sinuses.
  • This is because the warm steam opens up blocked passages, allowing mucus and fluid to flow out of them.
  • Also, massaging and pressure applied by the aesthetician to the face can also help relieve pressure caused by congestion. Reducing pressure inside the sinuses and nose can relieve sinus headaches, stuffy noses, and coughs.

4. Lowered stress

  • Stress and the hormone it produces (cortisol) are some of the most dangerous risks to a person's body.
  • Stress can lead to a whole slew of health complications, like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, greater risk of cancer, insomnia, memory loss, and many, many more.
  • Thus, because facials are very relaxing and calming experiences, they naturally reduce stress levels and any accompanying health risks.
  • Let your aesthetician know before you start your facial that you're there to relax, and he or she will not try to make conversation with you and simply allow you to have a rejuvenating experience.
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