4 unique meat topping ideas for pizza

November 3, 2015

Everyone loves a good pepperoni or sausage pizza, but have you ever tried to get more creative with your toppings? Here are four unique and flavourful ideas for pizza toppings you should try:

4 unique meat topping ideas for pizza


Since a pastrami sandwich tastes so delicious, it's no surprise that topping your pizza with pastrami is tasty too!

  • To make a great flavour pairing for your pastrami pizza, skip the tomato sauce, and simply top your crust with olive oil and mozzarella. Then, add strips of pastrami, and bake the pizza.
  • Once it comes out of the oven, top the entire pizza with chopped pickles and a squirt of mustard. You'll have a pizza that tastes like it came straight from your favourite delicatessen.
  • You can also skip the mustard and pickles and try sauerkraut, if you're a fan of the Reuben.

Buffalo chicken

Fried buffalo chicken is a popular treat for sports bars, but you can make also pizza even better by adding buffalo chicken on top!

  • A great buffalo chicken pizza has buffalo sauce spread under melted mozzarella and Monterey jack cheese, followed by a layer of boneless buffalo chicken pieces.
  • When the pizza comes out of the oven, top with fresh shredded iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing for a crisp, cool touch.


Adding duck to a pizza can give the pizza a rich and creamy taste that can't be created by any other meat topping.

  • To make a duck pizza, use smoked duck breast and hoisin sauce, instead of tomato sauce.
  • Simply spread hoisin on the crust, top with Monterey jack cheese, duck and onions, then bake.
  • When the pizza comes out of the onion, add scallions and red pepper flakes, and serve.


Venison is a meat that has a gamey flavour, and one of the best pairings for it is bread and cheese.

  • To make a venison pizza, you'll want to use ground venison. Then, skip the tomato sauce, and simply add mozzarella cheese and your favourite chopped veggies--like bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms--to the top.
  • Once all your veggies are added, add the cooked ground venison, then bake in the oven.
  • After the pizza is baked through, you'll have a unique pie that highlights both the richness of the cheese and the flavour of the meat.

Pizza is a classic dish that everyone loves. Host a make-your-own pizza night with some friends and incorporate these unique ingredients.


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