4 budget-friendly wedding reception menu ideas

November 27, 2014

Fun and delicious wedding foods don't need to involve several courses, tons of seating or an astronomical budget. Discover four unique wedding food ideas.

4 budget-friendly wedding reception menu ideas

1. Biscuit bar

  • Biscuits are one of the trendiest foods today, and for good reason. They work as both sweet breakfast-style treats or savoury meal staples, making the biscuit bar a sound option for a range of palates. Biscuits are affordable and can serve as the centrepiece of the plate.
  • Offer guests the option of adding toppings to their biscuits for a personalized sandwich or a dessert.
  • Consider toppings such as pieces of fried chicken breast, bacon, vegetables, pulled pork, or pimento cheese, and for desserts, offer chopped fruit, whipped cream or melted chocolate.
  • Because biscuits are filling, they're a budget-friendly dinner option, and guests will also love assembling their own meal.

2. Pizza party

  • Pizza parties aren't just for sleepovers, so feel free to turn your wedding into a pizza palace. If you're throwing a casual affair, serving guests pizza is a great way to fill them up and save on cash. Speak to your local pizza joint about discounts on a large order.
  • Consider offering a selection of pizzas and then serving them buffet-style, along witha green salad as a side, for a well-rounded meal.

3. Dessert-only dance

  • Indulging your sweet tooth never seemed so cost-friendly. Notify your guests ahead of time that dinner will not be served at the event, and make sure you plan your event late enough so that guests have ample time to arrange their own dinners.
  • At your reception, offer sweet treats like cupcakes, donuts, ice cream sundaes, and even a chocolate fondue station with a selection of chopped fruit.
  • Desserts are a much less expensive option than main courses, and thanks to the sugar content, they'll give guests a gust of energy for a dance party.

4. Food truck fest

  • Hop on the popular wedding food trend and rent a local food truck. They offer festive options like tacos, burgers, or souvlakis (because they're hand-held finger foods, your guests can chow down while standing, eliminating the need for chairs and tables for everyone).

While the food truck will cost you, you won't need to hire servers. The grab-and go nature of the food truck means guests can choose to eat at their leisure if and when they're hungry. Check online for some of the best food trucks in your area.

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