4 vegetables that grow in the winter

Four vegetables that grow in the winter

Interested in planting a winter vegetable garden? Check out a list of four great cold weather crops below.

4 vegetables that grow in the winter

1. Onions

Onions are a root vegetable that grow in the ground, which makes them a good candidate for growing in the winter. Onions take a long time to grow, so they often won't be fully grown and ready to be eaten until the following spring. If you plant onions in late fall or early winter, they will grow comfortably in the ground and can be harvested as scallions or young spring onions in the cold months. Growing onions in winter is a great idea because the young spring onion plant is spicy and warming, and it's a great flavouring for foods that are popular in cold months, like chili.

2. Greens

A huge selection of greens can grow in the cold winter months, and they can make a great salad full of spicy and nutty leaves that you can eat when it's cold. Some of the best greens to plant in autumn and winter to harvest during the season are mustard greens, lambs lettuce, and land cress. Winter Gem is also a popular lettuce green that is popular for cold weather. Winter greens tend to be spicy and more flavourful than their spring and summer counterparts, and they're a popular warming food for the palette when it's cold outside.

3. Bok Choy

One of the most popular traditional Asian greens is bok choy, and it's possible to plant and eat delicious bok choy all winter because it is a cold weather vegetable. Bok choy can be planted in late autumn and throughout the winter, and it should be harvested before the hot spring weather arrives.

4. Cauliflower

Growing cauliflower in winter is a simple and popular vegetable choice. Try planting cauliflower when it's about 15 degrees Celsius outside. Cauliflower will grow when the weather is cool, but it's essential that it's in a spot that gets a lot of sunshine. Make sure you harvest your cauliflower before the heat of the summer, because they don't grow well in warm climates.

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