3 ways a vehicle with a diesel engine can save you money

September 24, 2014

Considering investing in a vehicle with a diesel engine? If you choose right, the move can save you some cash.
With sky-rocketing gas prices, Canadians are always looking for ways to save on car costs. Many are looking into buying less expensive cars, or even gas and electric hybrid versions. Many would be surprised to know that diesel cars and trucks can actually be a less expensive option. Diesel engines generally are not perceived as a bargain, but consider the following:

1. Diesel fuel is more expensive per litre, but lasts longer

While you may pay more to fill up your tank, diesel fuel burns slower and lasts longer. You can get 20 to 30 per cent higher fuel economy from a diesel vehicle than you can with a gasoline engine. Even better, diesel fuel produces fewer carbon emissions than gasoline. Save money and the environment. This can also keep your car in better shape, longer.

Typically, diesel engines age better than their gasoline counterparts. So you may not need to replace your car as often. However, as you might expect, you’ll have to keep up with maintenance on your diesel engine to realize these savings.

2. Diesel engines can be cheaper to maintain

Diesel vehicle owners never have to worry about costly ignition repairs or tune-ups, since diesel engines do not require distributors or spark plugs. However, diesel engines do need regular oil and filter changes, just like gasoline engines do. The fuel injection systems also require regular maintenance and care.

3. Finally, diesel vehicles offer more trade-in value

Because of their longer-lasting engines, diesel vehicles often have higher trade-in values than do gasoline automobiles. In fact, the longest-running engine so far was a Mercedes diesel that lasted for 1,448,400 kilometres.

Of course, there's no guarantee that your next diesel vehicle will run for 1,448,400 kilometres, even if you do take splendid care of your fuel injection systems and change the oil regularly. But you can be fairly certain that in the long run, your diesel car or truck will save you money over an automobile with a gasoline engine. If saving money sounds interesting to you, you may want to head over to your local diesel mechanic for more information on how to shop for the best diesel vehicle.

3 ways a vehicle with a diesel engine can save you money
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