4 ways a personal assistant can increase your productivity

Hiring a personal assistant can help you make your days more productive and efficient. Outsourcing certain tasks to a personal assistant allows you to focus on more cerebral tasks that can make you more money and progress your career in different directions. However, it only makes sense to hire a personal assistant if you are able to delegate tasks to clear things off your plate.

4 ways a personal assistant can increase your productivity

1. Sort your emails

  • Many of us have an inbox that is overflowing with thousands of disorganised emails. It can seem daunting to go through all of your emails and clear out the ones that you can get rid of and file away the ones you need to keep for future reference.
  • This is a great task to assign to a personal assistant.
  • Have your assistant file all of your messages into different folders and even set up auto-filters so that new emails are filed into the right place.
  • This can clear a lot of mental space for you to focus on other things.

2. Plan your trips

  • Taking business trips or personal trips can involve quite a bit of research and planning.
  • You can use a personal assistant to do this work for you so that you don't waste hours and days trying to figure out the best and most inexpensive ways to travel.
  • The assistant can scour travel sites and booking sites to find the best deals for you while you spend your time working on other tasks.

3. Errands

  • Sometimes work and life can get so busy that you don't have the time you need to take care of little tasks and chores that can build up over time.
  • Taking your clothes to the dry cleaner, bringing your dog to the vet or doing your weekly grocery shopping are all examples of tasks that you can hand over to a personal assistant to take care of for you.
  • It will save you time and not distract you from the tasks you need to focus on.

4. Social media

  • If you run a small business or have social media profiles that you use for networking, you can outsource a personal assistant to write and schedule your posts for you.
  • This helps you maintain a consistent presence on social media networks even when you don't have the time to update them daily.
  • You can instruct your personal assistant as to what type of material to post and how often you would like to post.
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