4 ways to better your luck in love

October 9, 2015

Has cupid's aim been a little off lately? If you're finding your success rate in the romance department is starting to dwindle, consider these four ways to better your luck in love.

4 ways to better your luck in love

1. Online, leave some things to the imagination

  • If you are dating on the Internet, don't put anything on your site that you wouldn't want up in a PowerPoint presentation given to your co-workers. That's because, office etiquette experts say, that is essentially what you are doing when you post information on a dating site
  • Your boss doesn't need to know that midnight skinny-dipping is your favourite pastime. Plus, work aside, dating experts say that the people who have the most success with online dating are the ones who use some discretion.

2. Embrace chivalry on a first date

  • No matter who asked whom out on that first date, etiquette experts say a man should always foot the bill (for same-sex couples, the asker buys)
  • Here's a trick: if you are a woman on a first date and the guy doesn't reach for the bill, take a trip to the powder room. If he doesn't pay while you're gone, offer to split the bill. If he allows that, find yourself another knight

3. Tread carefully with office romance

Twenty percent of us meet our mates at work, but because there's nothing other than the latest reality TV show  to talk about at the water cooler, the news about your office romance will spread like wildfire and the relationship could be quickly construed as inappropriate. To handle an office romance professionally, keep the following rules in mind.

  • Do not speak to anyone in Human Resources about the romance. Despite what the company might tell you about HR being your friend, they are not your friend
  • Make sure you like the co-worker enough to take a risk. If it is just a fling and the person has no potential as the love of your life, end it
  • Assess how much you like the person by hanging out with him or her at group lunches or happy hours
  • Be certain the person likes you back. You don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, or have an awkward dynamic play out at work, so be sure your advances are welcome

4. In love with your friend's ex? Be careful.

Most etiquette experts agree that a friend's former boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife is totally off-limits. If you truly feel this ex is your soul mate, there are a few things you can try that may still salvage your friendship.

  • Out of respect for the failed relationship and both parties who were in it, wait an appropriate amount of time before you dive in (the rule of thumb for relationship mourning is three months for every year the couple was together up to a maximum of a year or so)
  • If you ask your friend — asking is imperative — and he or she gives you the go-ahead, you are closer to the green light
  • If your friend was the one who did the breaking up, you are even closer
  • If your friend is now happily recoupled, you are as good as home free

You never know when true love will strike, but that doesn't mean you can't do your part to encourage it. Keep these four factors in mind on your quest for romance and you may notice your luck begin to change.

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