4 ways to deck out a golf cart

November 3, 2015

Four ways to deck out a golf cart

If you're interested in decking out your golf cart, check out these four ideas for creative golf cart additions.

4 ways to deck out a golf cart

Mounted GPS

One great tech gadget that can help make your golf cart deluxe is a mounted GPS. Many GPS devices attach to cup holders, and they not only give you directions to tees, clubhouses, and restrooms, but they also tell you the distance to your current golf hole from where you are.

Music player and speaker system

If you love listening to music while you play (and you play golf where music won't disturb other players), you can outfit your cart with a system that plays music through speakers. Many companies today can make a range of music systems for golf carts, including MP3 players, CD players, and radios, so you can choose the kind of device you'd like to play. You can also choose what kind of speakers you like, including subwoofers and bass.

Rear seats

Some golf carts have rear seats on them, while others simply have an area for storage in the back. If you want to add a rear row to your car so you can accommodate four players instead of two, consider getting a rear seat kit, which allows you to install two back seats on the cart. Seat kits come in a choice of black or white, and they can be installed by a golf cart owner without professional help.

Clock and weather predictor

If you are looking to add a useful item to your golf cart, consider a joint clock and weather predictor. The clock in the cart can help you keep track of time and see how slow or fast you're playing, and the weather predictor can tell you the temperature outside, as well as the humidity and the expected forecast.

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