4 ways to enjoy a fulfilling weekend

Too often, weekends are synonymous with running errands or shopping, and we miss out on the opportunity to spend time on physical exercise and fun activities. Here are some ways to get the most out of your weekends.

4 ways to enjoy a fulfilling weekend

1. Get out of bed at the same time as during the week

You may often have great intentions to be active on the weekend – that is, until you sleep in until noon. When you spend half the day under the covers, it's hard to find time for fun and exercise.

  • Make it a habit to get out of bed at the same time on weekends as during the week.
  • In addition to freeing up more time for your weekend fitness forays, you'll also regulate your body clock better.
  • Once your body gets used to a regular wake and sleep schedule, you'll fall asleep faster, feel more refreshed when you wake up, and avoid that Monday morning "hungover" feeling.

2. Go for a walk first thing in the morning

Get out the door first thing, before you become too engrossed in the Sunday newspaper and your breakfast.

  • Walking first thing in the morning ensures you fit in your workout.
  • Once you return, you'll feel invigorated and be more likely to be active during the rest of the day.

3. Make nature part of your weekend routine

For many of us, the great outdoors has a way of sparking our love of life, making us feel more spiritual.

  • Add a weekly family walk through the park or woods to your weekend. It will lift your heart, as well as exercise it.

4. Always commit one day to fun

Never, ever let errands and work spread to both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Pick one of those days and visit a park, go hiking or spend the day playing tennis, badminton or other games you enjoy with friends and family.
  • You and your companions will soon look forward to this day, devoted not to formal exercise but to fun activities you can do together.
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