4 ways to find internships during the school year

November 3, 2015

One of the best ways to build your resume while at school is by holding an internship. If you're a college kid looking for an internship during the school year, check out these four ways of finding one.

4 ways to find internships during the school year

1. Check with your school's career resources

  • Nearly all colleges have their own career resource centres, where professors, local businesses, and companies from afar can advertise potential opportunities
  • Start looking for some opportunities with the resources afforded to you right on campus
  • Searching your school's database ensures you're finding companies and businesses that are specifically looking for candidates like you, and it might even give you a leg-up on the positions you eventually apply for

2. Write a letter to your dream company

  • If there's a company that you've always dreamt of working for, write a letter about that company specifically, then send it to their internship or HR department
  • Explain your passion for their work, why you want to work there, and that you'd be interested and willing to simply be an intern for them
  • Companies like candidates with initiative and specific passion for their work; directly sending them a persuasive letter is a great way to get on their radar

3. Check local classifieds

  • Don't limit yourself to your school's resources. Instead, try scanning through local classified ads and finding business that are looking for help
  • Enquiring about local businesses is a good way to find a job that is convenient to you geographically, and can provide a greater chance of hire and consideration, since you're not competing with classmates for positions

4. Talk to your professors

  • Many professors at universities are very well-connected to their communities, and many of them need interns themselves
  • Talk to a few professors you are close to in departments related to your career goals. You can tell them that you are interested in interning, and ask them if they need help or know someone who does
  • Working for a professor will give you access to a wealth of knowledge and opportunities and will be a great way to build your collegiate professional resume

There are many internships available during the school year that can help college kids make connections, learn valuable lessons and expand their resume, too. With a little effort and creativity you can land one that'll work for you.

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