4 ways to find the perfect gift for the person with everything

October 16, 2014

Stop pulling your hair out during the holiday season trying to come up with gift ideas. Here are four inventive ways to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything.

4 ways to find the perfect gift for the person with everything

Holidays, birthdays and other special events that call for gift giving should be an enjoyable time, right? This may be far from the case when you’re trying to buy a gift for someone who has everything. You know the person: your parent, spouse, friend or other loved one who tells you not to bother. Well, they’re going to get something anyway and here’s how to go about it.

1. Think outside the box

Instead of going for another tie, sweater or other mundane item, think outside the box and make your gift an event. You might consider the following:

  1. Instead of golf balls or a new club, buy your loved one a round of golf at their favourite course or even a weekend getaway.
  2. Show or event tickets – dazzle her with a night on the town to see her favourite show. Why not throw in a nice dinner and bottle of wine?
  3. Bungee jumping – maybe not a great gift for your grandma. On second thought, maybe it’s the perfect gift for grandma.
  4. Sky diving – a view they will never forget.
  5. Racecar driving lessons – channel your inner Jacques Villeneuve.

2. Personalize your gift

By personalizing the gift, the receiver will surely cherish it (or at least get a good laugh).

  • If you’re dealing with parents, show them their kids or grandkids in a calendar, coffee mug or t-shirt. You can put photos on just about everything now, right?
  • Take this personalization to a different level by writing a poem, painting a picture or knitting a scarf. Putting yourself into the gift will be unique.

3. Think about the past

Parents are notoriously difficult to buy for and are known for being less-than-helpful with gift ideas. Chances are your 70-year-old father doesn’t have a wish list posted on a website.

  • Instead of buying a book, gift card or new slippers, broaden your scope a bit.
  • Think about the past and you just might uncover something fun or meaningful that helps your loved one relive a moment from their childhood or other special time in their life.

4. Donate in their name

If you really can’t come up with any gift ideas, there’s another route you can take.

  • Is your loved one passionate about a special cause? Do they volunteer often? Do they love animals?
  • You can donate in their name to a cause that means something to them.
  • From animal shelters to youth organizations, there are countless options.

You now have some ideas on how to give a gift to someone who has everything. By making it fun, exciting, personalized or meaningful, you’re sure to find something they will love – as much as you'll love giving it.

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