4 ways to get a hair salon look for less

July 28, 2015

You don't need to constantly visit the hairdresser for that salon look. Here's how you can spend less and still get the look you love.

4 ways to get a hair salon look for less

1. Cut the cost of salon visits

  • Keep salon visits to a minimum and watch out for recommended freelancers.
  • Offer to be a model for a hairdressing salon or school.
  • If an expensive salon is a must, get the cut and skip the blow-dry.
  • If you're waiting in line at the grocery store and like the look of someone's cut, don't be shy to ask her for her hairdresser's number. Most people are happy to share this kind of information. You may find it's closer to home and cheaper than you're paying now.
  • The shorter your hair, the more often you need it cut.
  • Long hair needs less cuts and is easier to style on days that you don't have time to primp. Just put it in a ponytail.
  • It's generally safe to try a junior stylist at a high-end salon. The reputation of the business is at stake, so the junior stylists are generally very capable.

2. Shampoo shopping

While most shampoos clean hair efficiently, sometimes the cheapest shampoos do a better job than the more expensive salon products.

  • The cheapest places to buy shampoo are at discount stores, grocery stores or dollar stores.
  • Some good deals can be found from time to time when pharmacies have their sales.
  • In most cases, the larger size provides better economy.
  • Some department stores and drugstores carry their own brand of hair and skin care products, and the prices are much lower than the leading name brands.
  • Try to avoid buying hair products in salons as you will normally pay the full price.
  • Many brands that were formerly available only in salons are now on the shelves in department stores or online.

3. Dye it yourself

If your hair is in reasonably good condition and you fancy a colour change, consider doing it yourself, or with the help of a friend at home. The difference in price is striking — you can pay over $60 in a salon, but good-quality products can give you a similar effect for about $10.

4. Invest in clippers

  • For men or boys who like short, cropped hair, invest in clippers.
  • Cutting your own hair will allow you to recoup your investment after just a few cuts.

Getting that salon look doesn't have to come with salon prices. With these tips, you could still see your hairdresser, get the look you want and save a lot of money.

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