4 ways to get kids excited about tennis

November 3, 2015

If you have a son or daughter that you want to get started in tennis, there are some simple ways to get him or her excited about the sport. Check out some helpful ideas below.

4 ways to get kids excited about tennis

1. Get them their own racket

  • There are many sizes of tennis rackets out there, and many companies make rackets for people as young as three years old. So, go to a sporting goods store or tennis pro shop and get your child his or her own racket.
  • Having something in their size will get him excited about playing with and using it, rather than simply letting it lie around.

2. Take your child to a pro tournament

  • One of the best ways to get inspired about a sport is to watch the greats play. So look around for professional tennis tournaments nearby, and buy tickets to take your little ones.
  • Watching professionals play is not only exciting and fun, it also shows just how good someone can get with a lot of practice.
  • Many WTA and ATP tournaments also have kids' days. During these events, children can meet the players, get autographs, and even hit some balls with the pros. Buying tickets for these events can go a long way toward building enthusiasm for the sport.

3. Sign them up for a class or clinic

  • Many tennis centres offer classes for kids as young as five, and sometimes even younger. So consider signing up your kid for a group lesson.
  • Tennis centres often have clinics for young ones that work on hand-eye coordination and learning basic movement skills, so there won't be anything too challenging at these classes.
  • Putting your child in a class with his peers or friends is a great way to make learning fun, and getting him or her started learning the fundamentals early will give them a head start when they are big enough to really play.

4. Take them out to the court

  • There's no better way to get your child excited about tennis than going out to play with them, since young kids often want to emulate what they see their parents and older relatives doing.
  • Go out and run around the tennis courts, hit some balls, and just play games. Make these tennis outings fun, and kids will associate the sport with quality time they spend with people they love.
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