4 ways to get the most from your Zumba class routine

Zumba is a popular type of exercise class, which combines dance-like movement and cardio exercise for a hard and fun workout. If you enjoy doing Zumba for exercise, here are some ways you can optimize your workout for maximum calorie burn and muscle tone.

4 ways to get the most from your Zumba class routine

1. Stand in the front

  • It's generally true for workout classes that the most experienced, excited and energetic people stand in the front.
  • If you want to be motivated to push yourself as hard as possible in class, stand in the front with them.
  • Even if you're intimidated or feel like you don't know what you're doing, being around people who do will push you to keep up and ensure that you work as hard as possible.

2. Carry weights

  • Zumba is nearly all about getting a cardio workout, but you can build muscle too by carrying some light weights while you work out.
  • Grab some one or three-pound weights, then hold them while you exercise. Also, consider adding weight bands around your ankles for even more of a challenge.

3. Don't stop

  • Some songs are long and challenging during Zumba classes, and it might be tempting to stop and catch your breath.
  • The greatest fitness changes happen, however, during the times when you feel pushed to your limits, so push yourself to keep going when you want to stop.
  • By making yourself push through every song, you take full advantage of the workout that is planned for you, and you increase your physical endurance so that each song gets easier and easier.

4. Let go of inhibition

  • Zumba is all about dancing and moving, and to get the best work out, you need to really move! So, don't be embarrassed about shimmying wildly or shaking your rear end.
  • People who feel inhibited or self-conscious about dancing during Zumba usually get less of a workout, so try to cast aside thoughts about what you look like or what other people think of you, and just dance!
  • No one is even watching or thinking about you — they are too busy thinking about their own workouts.
  • To help lessen any feelings of inhibition you might have, go to class regularly, since it gets easier every time, and try practising at home in front of the mirror.
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