4 ways to improve your golf swing

November 3, 2015

Golf is one of North America's most popular sports and a lifelong hobby for many who enjoy its mix of skill, strategy and camaraderie. If you are new to the game, here are 4 tips for how you can improve your golf swing.

4 ways to improve your golf swing

1. Hold your club properly

The first step to improving your swing is to make sure you are holding your club properly.

  • Start by relaxing your hands at your sides.
  • If you're right-handed, bring your left hand to the club and hold it lightly in place with your thumb pointing straight down. The "V" between your thumb and index finger should point to your right shoulder, not up toward your face.
  • Bring your right hand below it in the same position, fitting the right pinkie finger between the index finger and middle finger of your left hand.
  • Be sure not to grip the club too tightly – you should always have a loose grip on it throughout your swing.

2. Adopt a powerful stance

A solid stance is important for a smooth swing.

  • When you're ready to hit the ball, keep your feet shoulder width apart and make sure your weight is balanced forward so that you are standing on the balls of your feet.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent and your spine perfectly straight. This will help set you in the best stance for your swing.

3. Create a pendulum

The idea is for your swing to create a perfectly smooth arc, like a pendulum.

  • Take a few practice swings in your stance and let the club round up on the backswing into a 90-degree L-shape with your front arm.
  • Don't curve it too much around your back or it will disrupt the arc.
  • On your downswing, keep the motion smooth and keep your eyes on the ball throughout the entire arc.

4. Don't hack

You don't have to use a lot of strength or force in your golf swing.

  • The way to hit your ball a long distance is simply to make a smooth and even connection with the ball.
  • Instead of trying to whack the ball as hard as you can, concentrate on a gentle and steady movement with a smooth follow-through.

Follow these tips and you should start to see immediate improvement in your golf swing. Remember that practice makes perfect, so the more often you are able to play, the more improvement you will see.

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