4 ways to keep your outdoor patio furniture clean

As patio furniture is exposed to snow, wind and rain, it can be a huge hassle to bring furniture inside or provide shelter to keep it from getting dirty. There are a few simple tips you can follow to keep patio furniture clean and prolong its use.

4 ways to keep your outdoor patio furniture clean

1. Buy plastic furniture

  • If your patio furniture is exposed to the elements, buy furniture that's completely plastic.
  • Although wooden or fabric furniture may look nice, it's much harder to keep dry and clean than plastic furniture, which can simply be wiped off and dried when it gets dirty.
  • If you prefer patio furniture that looks more upscale, buy plastic pieces that are woven to look like wicker.

2. Use paste wax

  • Rust can be a problem if your furniture set is made of metal or contains metal pieces. Avoid rusty furniture by protecting it with paste wax.
  • Paste wax, available at hardware stores, is created for outdoor surfaces and protects them from the elements.
  • Simply apply the paste wax to the metal parts of your furniture and allow it to dry. Reapply the wax once a month to keep furniture free from rust.

3. Use furniture covers

  • Use plastic or weatherproof covers to protect your patio furniture. Many patio pieces come with their own covers.
  • Don't forget to place the covers over your furniture when you're not using it. If your patio set did not come with its own covers, a local hardware store may sell custom covers. Covers may also be available online.
  • Browse several websites to find ones that are the same size as your pieces. Using covers is a good way to ensure that your furniture maintains it appearance and stays clean, even when used on an uncovered deck or patio.

4. Store furniture in the winter

  • Most likely, you won't use your patio furniture in the winter. Keep it looking good and functioning well by finding a place to store it.
  • Find a place to tuck it away in your garage or shed and leave it warm weather returns.
  • Storing furniture will keep it protected from the snow. You won't have to clean it because it won't be exposed to the elements.
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