4 ways to create a princess bedroom for your daughter

Every little princess deserves her own realm. If you have a little girl who is obsessed with princesses and castles, it only takes a few simple steps to create the perfect bedroom for your little princess.
It doesn't take a complete renovation to update your child's room nor do you have to break the bank. Just follow these steps.

4 ways to create a princess bedroom for your daughter

1. Paint it pink

The first step to creating any girly princess room is to paint it pink. Pick the perfect shade to go on the walls then paint the entire room pink, or simply paint pink stripes or accents to give it that princess aura. Having pink accents in the room not only makes it feminine and girly but also gives it a fanciful, bright feel.

2. Build a DIY canopy

You don't have to go out and purchase a large canopy bed to give your daughter's room that magical touch. Instead, you can create your own and make a canopy out of mosquito netting (which also comes in pink), a dowel and some thumbtacks. Simply drape two long pieces over the dowel to create a canopy or open curtain look, then use thumbtacks to attach the fabric and dowel to the ceiling above the little girl's bed. You can also use sheer curtains that come with a pre-existing place to slide the dowel for even easier assembly.

3. Accessorize

Throughout the shelves and surfaces in your daughter's room, add touches that feel sparkly, pink and royal. Buy toy crowns or tiaras, wands and princess dresses to hang in her closet. Adding simple touches throughout the room can create a whimsical feel without needing to spend money on new furniture or large decor.

4. Get the right linens

The finishing touch to creating the perfect bedroom is to make the bed underneath the canopy appear royal. Select a comforter and sheets that are pink or a complimentary colour (purple, red, white, etc.). Alternatively, you can choose a printed comforter that has princesses or a related pattern on it. Finally, be sure to add plenty of throw pillows and blankets to the bed. After all, princesses are known to live in the lap of luxury. Make sure that you add pillows that are bright, sparkly, fuzzy or anything else that will stand out to a young princess.

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