4 ways to minimize windshield replacement costs

September 22, 2014

If your windshield is defaced by a crack or chip, waiting to get it fixed can get more and more expensive. Here are a few ways to help minimize the costs of windshield replacement.
1. Skip replacement, if possible

You might be surprised how many windshield chips and cracks can be repaired by a professional auto shop offering glass repair. Before you decide to have your entire windshield replaced, check with an auto glass specialist to see if the damage to your windshield can be fixed instead of replaced. If it can, that’s going to save you a lot of cash.

Whether or not the windshield can be repaired will depend on the size, location and severity of the damage. A service professional can tell you what needs to be done.

2. Don’t forget about your auto insurance

Depending on why your windshield needs attention, your auto insurance may cover some or all of the cost of windshield replacement. Taking the time to call your insurance provider to review your policy could mean the difference between a huge out-of-pocket cost and no charge whatsoever.And that’s definitely worth your time.

3. Opt for your local repair shop

While both do quality work, there can be a serious price difference between your car dealership and a local auto glass shop. Part of this may have to do with what type of glass will be used in the replacement—Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or non-OEM.

You might be thinking, Of course I want OEM glass used on my car. But, non-OEM glass is required to meet or exceed the same safety standards as OEM glass. And it comes at much lower cost. Paired with high-quality, OEM-recommended adhesives and sealers, a non-OEM windshield can significantly reduce windshield replacement costs.

4. Shop for a car wisely

Did you know the make and model of your car has a serious impact on replacement and repair costs down the road? If you prefer a luxury vehicle or large SUV, you can expect to be hit with higher windshield replacement cost.s Smaller, more economical vehicles will have lower repair costs. If you foresee a vehicle purchase in your future, it’s worth your time to factor in the costs of future repairs into your decision.

4 ways to minimize windshield replacement costs
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