4 ways to use travel photos in home decor

November 3, 2015

Travel photos can help to document special experiences and anchor us in space and time to some of our best memories. Here are four ways to make the most of your travel photos in the decor around your home.

4 ways to use travel photos in home decor

1. Go for exotic frames

  • Plan the perfect setting for your travel photos by keeping an eye out for unique frames while you're travelling
  • Don't settle for merely finding something in a gift shop that may or may not be made in your travel destination, but keep an eye out for local shops and roadside artisans that make the frames themselves
  • The energy of these special items will do justice to your photography and frame your treasured memories perfectly for years to come

2. Assemble artful collages

  • Assembling your best travel photos in a collage is a fun way to capture the essence of your trip, especially if it was a family or group vacation
  • Find a photo holder that allows for 15 or more photos to be shown vignetted within one frame, or collage them yourself using a scanner and high-quality printer paper

3. Get creative with digital images

  • Digital photography and printing has opened up a wide realm of possibility when it comes to displaying photos
  • Consider having your top 12 travel photos made into a custom-printed calendar
  • You can also have your favourite photos printed on coffee mugs, tissue boxes, clocks or just about any other household item

4. Create a coffee table book

  • Sometimes it can seem impossible to limit yourself to just a few framed photos around your home. To keep the memories of your trip alive, consider creating a coffee table photo book or scrap book of all the highlights of your trip
  • Whenever you want to show a friend or "return" to your favourite place, your memories will be right within reach

Travelling provides experiences and memories that can change you forever. Taking photos during your travels then displaying them at home can help you remember all the best moments after you've returned.

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