5 advantages of adding awnings to your home

Awnings can provide a number of advantages for your house, both indoors and out. From aluminium to canvas, awnings are produced with an array of different materials in retractable and fixed styles. The following list briefly explains several of the advantage you can expect to achieve just by adding a beautiful awning to your home.

5 advantages of adding awnings to your home

1. Protect against water damage

  • Awnings can protect your home's wood doors, door casings and window frames from damage caused by rain and precipitation.
  • When an awning is used over an open window, it also prevents rain from leaking inside and damaging the windowsill.

2. Reduce home cooling costs

  • Installing awnings over your windows can significantly lower your home's energy costs during cooling season because your air conditioner does not need to work as hard to maintain a cool climate in your home.
  • Window awnings provide enough shade to prevent a great deal of unwanted solar heat gain through the window panes.
  • Ventilated awnings are an ideal choice because they also prevent heat from becoming trapped around the exterior of your windows.

3. Preserve interior furnishings

Awnings placed over windows provide adequate shade to protect your home's decor and interior furnishings from becoming damaged by exposure to harsh, direct sunlight.

4. Protect the environment

  • Less energy consumption in your home reduces the impact of global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Since awnings enable you to use less energy to cool your home, you're helping the environment while saving money on electricity costs.

5. Increase the value of your home

Exterior awnings can increase the value of your home in three main ways:

  • Higher curb appeal: attractive awnings make your home more visually appealing to prospective buyers.
  • More living space: an awning placed over a patio or deck provides more outdoor living space that is covered and protected from nature's elements.
  • Energy efficiency: prospective home buyers typically place a higher value on homes with excellent energy efficiency. Since window and door awnings allow you to use less energy, buyers will perceive your house as being more valuable than one that doesn't achieve the same kind of energy efficiency.

6. Talk to an exert

  • Before selecting an appropriate awning for your home, discuss your options with a professional because the range of available styles and features is vast and varied.
  • An awning supply professional can assist you in choosing the right awning that accommodates your budget and needs.
  • Plus, with so many different styles out there, it's a good idea to get a professional opinion when selecting one that best suits the architectural style of your house.
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