5 aerobic exercises to keep you fit and having fun

October 9, 2015

You've probably heard a lot about the benefits of different aerobic activities, but no one form is inherently better than another. Here are some popular exercises and what they have going for them:

5 aerobic exercises to keep you fit and having fun

1. Take a walk

  • It doesn't cost anything, won't beat up your joints and you can do it virtually anytime and anywhere.
  • Walking's low intensity makes it a good starting point for any exercise program.
  • If you pick up the pace, especially on hills, it delivers a solid cardiovascular workout.

2. Go for a jog

  • Jogging is almost as inexpensive and convenient as walking.
  • Because it's more intense than walking, you can get a good workout in less time.
  • It also feels more serious than walking, which can bolster your sense of accomplishment.

3. Hop on a bike

  • Cycling delivers so many fitness benefits, plus a bracing rush of speed — at least if the bike is real, not stationary.
  • Bicycling is also about the journey — you can cover a fair distance, pack a lunch and make it an adventure.
  • Cycling exercises your heart and your leg muscles without putting undue stress on your knees or feet.

4. Dive right in

  • By taking the load off joints, swimming is one of the exercises least likely to injure you, especially if you're overweight.
  • It's also highly aerobic, depending as much on heart and lung capacity as muscle power.

5. Strap on your dancing shoes

  • Not only does dancing provide the aerobic benefits of jogging, but it improves your sense of balance and stretches your muscles.
  • Plus, it's a lot of fun.

Your main goals in aerobics is to move your body, pump up your heart rate and have fun doing it. What you choose is a matter of preference, though some aerobic activities may be more appropriate for you than others.

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