5 benefits of having a snow removal contract: right for you?

October 15, 2014

Do you need a snow removal contract? While some consider it necessary, others view it as a luxury. Before you decide, here are five benefits to having a snow removal contract.

5 benefits of having a snow removal contract: right for you?

Advantages of getting a snow removal contract

Home, business and property owners know the benefits to having a snow removal contract from a qualified contractor. Most important among them are that you'll:

  • Avoid hefty fines: Some cities have heavy fines for home, business and property owners who do not clear their sidewalks and driveways.

By signing a snow removal contract, you can protect yourself from tickets and fines all winter long and know a professional crew will take care of all your residential or commercial snow removal needs.

  • Get guaranteed service: Some snow removal contractors offer “one shot” services for single snow removal projects, but these are likely to have a waiting list that may take days to pass through.

With an annual snow removal contract, you know a snow removal expert is on the way after every snowfall.

  • Reduce injuries: By choosing a reputable snow removal contractor, you can help prevent injuries to you and your family.

Professional snow removal experts have the experience to know how to work safely during even the heaviest winter storms.

  • Get fast snow removal with the right equipment: By hiring a professional snow removal crew for your home or business this winter, you can rest assured that an experienced team is using the latest tools and products.

Your snow will always get cleared quickly and efficiently.

  • Stay in business: If you own a business, having a snow removal contract could be a sound investment.

With a professional team working at your property, your business can stay open even in the harshest weather. Say goodbye to winter closings!

Reasons to shovel your own snow

For many people, a snow removal contract simply isn’t worth the price. In some cases, it may be easier to shovel the snow yourself. If you or your property fits one of the following descriptions, you may not need a snow removal contract:

  • Small properties: For homeowners who have small driveways and no sidewalks, shovelling your own snow can be more cost-effective and time-efficient than getting a snow removal contract.

It may be faster to shovel the driveway and sidewalk yourself rather than wait for the contractor to show up. During a snowstorm the wait can be long.

  • Younger homeowners: Younger homeowners may not mind the physical effort snow shovelling requires.

If you’re active and mobile, shovelling can be a great way to stay in shape even in the coldest winter months.

  • Frugal families: Save money by taking care of your property’s snow removal needs yourself! Snow removal contracts can be pricey.

Use the money you would have spent on a snow removal contract by investing in a well-designed shovel or snow blower, ice melting products and a warm coat.

Tips for hiring a snow removal crew

If you do decide to hire a snow removal team for your home or business’s snow removal needs this winter, make sure to choose a reputable contractor who can provide references and who is also fully insured. Also, remember to thoroughly discuss your snow removal needs and get the terms in writing so nothing is left to chance.

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