5 decorating secrets for creating a chalet-chic theme in your home

November 6, 2014

Using items like sheepskin rugs and alpine scents, discover how to evoke a luxurious and cosy atmosphere in your home using these chalec-chic design tips.

5 decorating secrets for creating a chalet-chic theme in your home

1. Clear out the clutter and create a cozy atmosphere with charming accents

Any decorator worth their salt will tell you it's all about the details.

  • When you pay attention to the tiny decorating details that make up a theme, the whole room can be brought together in expert fashion.

The first step on your journey to creating a chalet-chic theme is to clear out the clutter.

  • Once you have successfully made some space, figure out the elements that you would like to keep before making your checklist for new accents.
  • You might want to include fragrant candles housed in wood and nickel lanterns or a stunning canvas featuring a rugged backdrop.
  • If you are fortunate to have a real fireplace, lay your firewood in a statement-making iron log holder.

2. Don't compromise on texture

From sheepskin rugs at the end of your bed to voluptuous fake furs thrown over the couch, the ethos of chalet-chic is based in being warm and comfortable after an adrenaline-fuelled day outdoors.

  • Place slippers at the entryway of your home to encourage guests to remove their footwear.
  • In the bathroom, accent with luxuriously piled hand towels.

3. Add alpine-fresh fragrances

Go the extra mile and add a fragrance to your home that resembles the pure, fresh scent of the mountains.

  • When choosing essential oils and candles, look out for fragrances such as mountain pine, spruce fir, juniper berry, balsamic and lemon balm to create an energizing and uplifting atmosphere.

4. Don't forget mood lighting

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with strategically placed, ambient mood lighting.

  • In addition to ceiling lights, consider using a mix of floor lamps, downlights and candles secured in hurricane lamps.

5. Wood is key

From wood flooring adorned with cow-hide rugs to versatile wooden cabinets and dining tables, add a rustic edge to your chalet-chic theme by placing a few carefully chosen pieces of robust furniture around the focal point of the room.

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