5 ways to find the best moving company in town

November 27, 2014

Relocating is among the most exciting events in a person's life. Unfortunately, it can be made stressful by moving companies who are unprofessional. These five tips will help you find the best moving company in town to help with your move.

5 ways to find the best moving company in town

1. Get a list of potential companies

First, search the Internet and look through your local telephone book for moving services. This is the best way to create an initial list of candidates.

  • Both large and small companies can be found this way. A simple search such as "moving company Toronto" can provide you with a helpful list and get you started.

2. Does the company have insurance?

One of the most important things a person should consider is whether a particular moving company has insurance or not.

  • If they don't, they should automatically be crossed off the list of potential movers.
  • This company would be moving all of your personal effects, and, if they don't have insurance, then your damaged electronics, furniture or anything else will not likely be replaced.

3. Consider the length of the move

While many people overlook this fact, one moving company may be amazing at local moves but unprepared for long-distance ones.

  • Many local movers don't have the experience or license to move a person's belongings across the country.
  • People making long-distance moves should choose a national company.
  • Shorter moves are often better handled by local companies.

4. Do your research

A quick Internet search of particular companies will often uncover customer reviews.

  • It's important to note that angry customers are far more likely to take the time to leave reviews, so one or two negative marks against a company doesn't always mean they're unprofessional. A recurrent track record of upset customers, however, should be a red flag.

5. Contact several companies for estimates

Never simply go with the first company that seems legitimate. A person should set up in-home appointments with at least three separate moving companies to get estimates.

  • If a company isn't willing to do an in-home estimate, it's better to just move on.

Prices will vary from company to company, and it never hurts to ask a company about this difference.

  • There's a good chance that a company that charges more provides more services than those with low-cost estimates.

During these appointments, ask if the company will handle the move themselves.

  • If they subcontract their work out, it's once again best to just move on. Either way, make sure to get the estimates in writing.

Moving requires that you put all of your possession in someone else's hands, so it's important to take the extra time to research the best mover for you.

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