5 easy steps to a sparkling clean refrigerator

Knowing how to properly clean your refrigerator won't just save you time, but also ensure future food has a fresh, germ-free place to live.

5 easy steps to a sparkling clean refrigerator

Step 1: Purge

Empty the food from your fridge and see what’s past its expiry date and what's still good. Toss out anything expired. Removing everything helps you determine the actual cleaning that needs to be done from top to bottom. Don’t be conservative in what you actually do throw out. That old jar of pickles way in the back? You’re not going to eat them.

Step 2: Disassemble

Take out any shelving, drawers, crispers and any other removable surface areas from the refrigerator. Get a strong scrubbing brush and your favourite household cleaner. Then, wash each element by hand as typically these objects won’t fit into your dishwasher. Note: Never wash a glass shelf with scalding hot water as it may crack. Conversely, for those heavy-duty spills don’t be afraid to dilute a bit of ammonia in hot water for soaking (1:5 ratio should work). It's always a good idea to wear gloves when cleaning.

Step 3: Wipe away

Attack all the remaining surfaces with a clean cloth or sponge. You should also stay away from using any chemical cleaners inside the refrigerator as food will likely absorb the smell. Instead, using natural ingredients like baking soda or apple cider vinegar: both work exceptionally well.

Step 4: Dry it

Thoroughly dry off any shelving, drawers or crispers before putting them back in the refrigerator. Usea new, clean cloth and wipe off any excess water.Fridges tend to be humid so you will want to be extra careful ensuring the items are dry before putting them back in.

Step 5: Start shopping

Replenish your refrigerator shelves with a fresh stock of food and double-check any perishable items you’re putting back aren’t past their own expiry, if you didn't catch them the first time around.

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