5 easy ways to reduce household water usage

November 3, 2015

Not only is conserving water healthy for the environment, it's easy to do! With common sense strategies, you can reduce water usage with just a little effort. Here are some quick tips to get with the program.

5 easy ways to reduce household water usage

1. Skip the bath, take shorter showers

  • If conserving water's your goal, and it should be, skip the bath and take showers.
  • Because washroom water consumption depends on shower length (and tub size), be conscious of how long you're lathering up.
  • Strategies like washing hair every other day also help, as does shaving outside the shower and using combination conditioner/shampoos to cut on shower time.
  • If baths are a must, only fill the tub half way.

2. Strategically turn off water

  • When brushing teeth, turn water off after wetting your brush. In much the same way, don't leave water running while shaving.
  • Such small changes can go far in cutting water expenditure, especially in large families.
  • Similarly, by filling the sink instead of running water for dishes saves too, as does placing hand sanitizer next to bathroom sinks instead of soap.

3. Fix leaky faucets and go low-flow

  • You should check your pipes as part of routine household maintenance, but making sure you're leak-free will also save water.
  • Additionally, be certain faucets are never left dripping or running. Installing low-flow shower and faucet heads and a low-flush toilet similarly cuts usage and according to sources like Low-Flow Toilets How to Choose, can shave off gallons of water that would otherwise go down the drain.

4. Use full loads

  • According to the EPA's How to Conserve Water and Use it Effectively, residential demands account for three-quarters of water usage.
  • But 10 to 20 gallons of kitchen water can be saved daily by simply running the dishwasher only when full.
  • Adjusting water levels on your washing machine to correspond with correct load size conserves lots of water, too.

5. Tap into outdoor efforts

  • Being conscious of outdoor water usage is also important. By watering your lawn early or late, or on cool days, you can discourage water loss from evaporation.
  • Also, taller grass retains more soil moisture, so cut less. If kids play in the hose or car washing's a must, doing it on the lawn will accomplish double duty.
  • Using less water not only protects our environment, it saves money on utilities.
  • As conscientious consumers and good citizens, we all need to care a little more about how we're using — and protecting — our precious supply.
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