5 cosy ways to decorate your home for autumn

Transitioning from summer to fall means making a few changes to create a cozier, more inviting space in which to relax, enjoy and welcome guests. Here are some bright ideas for fall decorations to get your home in shape for autumn.

5 cosy ways to decorate your home for autumn

1. Add an area rug

Area rugs are the perfect way to make a room feel warm and also give you a cozy surface to walk on instead of hardwood floors or tile. Rugs mean your feet get to stay warm even if the weather is chilly.

  • For a unique look, try layering area rugs on top of other carpets to add texture and colour to a room.

2. Get new accent pillows

Even small accent pillows can make a big difference in your home's decor. When the weather starts cooling down, you will probably be spending more time at home: why not make it as cozy as possible?

  • Look for warm-hued throw pillows that you can use on chairs and couches to create a comfortable atmosphere.

3. Get comfy with throw blankets

Elegant throw blankets can easily add a lot of sophistication and warmth to a room.

  • Look for soft blankets that you can drape over the arm of a couch or chair.
  • You can either use understated, sleek blankets or vivid, bold colours to warm up a space.

4. Light some scented candles

Candles can be a lovely decorative addition to a home and they also smell great.

  • Buy a few scented candles in pumpkin pie and other autumnal scents to make your home feel extra ambient and warm when the temperatures begin to dip.

5. Remember your front porch or stoop

Don't neglect the outside of your house.

  • Buy some pumpkins and other autumnal decor to keep outside by the front door. These additions will make your house look festive, and also serve as a nice way to greet visitors.

Getting into the spirit of autumn

There are a lot of ways to get in the spirit of autumn and ring in the new season. One way is to decorate your house in fall-themed colours that look warm and inviting for everyone you welcome into your home.

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