5 meaningful first communion gifts

November 3, 2015

5 first communion gifts they'll treasure

The first communion is a reason for celebration, and there are numerous thoughtful gifts that can mark the occasion aside from the traditional gift of a Bible.

5 meaningful first communion gifts

Jewellery and other accessories

A piece of jewellery will remind a young girl or boy about the commitment they've made to God by taking their first communion. A cross necklace or cross-shaped earrings are good gifts for girls. A charm bracelet with a cross or a charm in the shape of a wine cup are also thoughtful ideas. A more masculine gift is a cross pendant on a leather necklace band. Boys also like neckties with the image of a cross embroidered on it or a set of personalized cuff links.


Rosaries are an appropriate gift for both boys and girls, and you can choose one that matches their personality. Fancy, colourful rosaries are sure to delight young girls; simple chains with black beads and a cross are better choices for boys.


Crosses are gifts that young children can keep for a lifetime, and they are a good first communion gift that will provide a daily reminder of their Christian faith. A cross with a special Bible verse or the date of their first communion engraved on it are even more meaningful. Plaques and picture frames that feature crosses are also treasures that mark the sacred event well.

Decorative objects

Either a jewellery box engraved with a Bible verse or a personalized photo frame to hold a picture from the first communion day make lovely gifts for this holy occasion. Small medallions, such as coins with Biblical pictures or images of saints, are things that children can keep with them for years. Out-of-the-box ideas include communion-themed snow globes, stuffed bears holding rosaries or T-shirts printed with a Bible verse or the date and location of their first communion.

Books and music

Aside from the usual Bible, a devotional book filled with daily thoughts and useful Bible verses is a welcome gift for a young Christian. A book of prayers is another thoughtful idea. Music CDs with Christian songs or audio books would please a young boy or girl as well.

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