5 fresh air alternatives to air conditioners

July 27, 2015

Air conditioners are expensive to run, but they aren't the only solution on hot days. These are some ways to keep cool without switching on the AC.

5 fresh air alternatives to air conditioners

1. Open the window

Open windows at opposite ends of the house to get a cross breeze.

2. Use the exhaust

Use an exhaust fan to take out kitchen odour and bathroom moisture.

3. Go electrostatic

  • Consider an electrostatic air cleaner to filter large pollution particles out of your air and collect smaller particles like a magnet.
  • It can be installed in the ducts of a forced-air heating system or an air-conditioning system, or a free-standing unit can service a room.

4. Evaporate the heat

  • Evaporative coolers offer economical comfort in areas where the summers are hot and dry.
  • They work by blowing air through netting panels soaked with water, bringing a moist breeze into the house.
  • Most models are roof-mounted, but window units are also available.
  • It's important to keep at least one window open when running an evaporative cooler. Otherwise, the house will start to feel like a swamp.
  • If you also have an air conditioner, don't run both cooling systems at the same time.
  • Clean or change the pads every month and check the pan to make sure water is recirculating freely.
  • Drain the water in the winter and cover the unit to keep cold air from coming into the house.

5. Whole-house fans

  • A whole-house fan in the attic can cool all the rooms of your house by providing a gentle breeze, all at a modest cost.
  • Clean the fan's louvers regularly, using a damp rag or louver brush. Keep the louvers operating smoothly with a touch of silicone spray.
  • Once a year, go into the attic and give the fan a thorough vacuuming.

Older homes tend to suffer when it comes to proper ventilation and fresh air. But with these alternatives, you can keep cool without having to turn on the expensive AC.

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