5 fun, rainy-day camping activities to banish boredom

July 21, 2014

No need to let the grey, wet weather ruin your mood! Here are five fun, rainy-day camping activities the entire family will love to help banish boredom.

5 fun, rainy-day camping activities to banish boredom

Enjoy every day of camping

Of course, you’re always hoping it’ll be sunny weather for your camping trip; but the rain shouldn’t spoil your day. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy every day of camping, regardless of temperature.

Plan ahead

Even if the weather forecast calls for blue skies, always bring your rain gear just in case.

  • Pack a raincoat and change of clothes. Leave your socks, shoes and clothes in the car, where they are protected from moisture. With these clothes, you will be able to stay comfortable even if you get caught in the rain.
  • Waterproof your tent (or canvas walls of your tent trailer) using a silicone spray, or liquid silicone solution and a brush.
  • Bring a mosquito net. You can mount them quickly above the picnic table of your campsite when you get there. You can freely enjoy your meal protected from mosquitoes, but also from the rain. If you don’t have one, use a plastic tarp.

Five activities everyone will love

Why is rain so synonymous with boredom? It doesn’t have to be, especially when you're on a family vacation. Here are five family friendly activities suitable for rainy day camping.

1. Bring books

A reading session, while snug in a sleeping bag will relax and amuse the kids.

2. Watch movies

Movie buffs can replace books with a portable DVD player and a few of their favourite movies.

3. Play games or bring a deck of cards

Social activities are fun for everyone and create lasting memories.

4. Visit local attractions

Check out local museums or interpretation centers. Various exhibits and organized activities near the campsite are sure to have something to entertain kids and adults.

5. Go for a rainy-day stroll

If it does rain don’t let it deter you from going out, you can still enjoy a walk in the forest.

  • The leaves and branches will shelter you and you get to observe the sights and smells of nature in the rain.

Also, if your site is situated near a beach, why not take walk along the beach. Rain highlights the different colours of the stones; and it can quickly turn into a treasure hunt for kids.

  • If you are by the sea, watch the ocean waves crashing to the shore. Be careful not to let the kids get too close to the water.

After the rain

Afterwards, scan the sky looking for rainbows.

  • For a dazzling show, go to a place with a good view and wait for the rain to pass.
  • Arcs in the sky above a bay, a valley or village will make great pictures.
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