5 gadgets that make living with arthritis bearable

More than 4.6 million adults in Canada suffer from arthritis, and statistics show that this number is likely to jump to 7.5 million by the year 2036. For those living with this condition, daily activities can be a hassle. Luckily, there are a few devices that can help. These five useful gadgets can make the lives of arthritis sufferers easier and less painful.

5 gadgets that make living with arthritis bearable

1. Reach extender

  • The reach extender, sometimes simply called a "grabber," allows an individual to access items that are out of reach without having to stretch, bend over or risk climbing on something.
  • This gadget has a pistol-style grip handle and typically comes in sizes of three feet long or more.
  • The "grabber" at the end has a non-slip surface that allows those with arthritis to easily grasp just about anything.

2. Robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Most people have seen them -- robotic vacuum cleaners that move around by themselves and reverse when they hit an obstacle.
  • Although prohibitively expensive when they were first introduced, a high-end model now goes for around $200.

3. Electric jar opener

  • Opening jars is one of those things that people with arthritis have accepted as an unavoidable source of pain.
  • Fortunately, this is no longer the case---even the most difficult lids aren't a problem with an electric jar opener.
  • For less than $20, an electric jar opener can eliminate a painful task for years to come.

4. Swivel seat cushion

  • Getting in and out of a vehicle or even getting off a chair can be painful for someone with arthritis.
  • The ingenious swivel seat cushion, however, takes pain out of the equation.
  • The seat can be carried around in one hand, and can easily be transferred from home to vehicle to office.
  • The cushion can be put on any seat and will then swivel 360 degrees. This means that getting on or off any seat just became arthritic-friendly.

5. Ironing spray

  • If you've ever ironed clothes, you know what a chore it is.
  • For those with arthritis, it's more than a hassle.
  • Gripping the iron and applying the appropriate force can be painful or even impossible, and spray-on wrinkle remover is an inexpensive way to remove this source of pain.
  • Simply spray the garments and voila, no more wrinkles.
  • When you suffer from arthritis, small things can make a big difference. If you or someone you love has arthritis, consider investing in these simple solutions.
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