5 good reasons to shop local now

September 2, 2020

Nothing beats an afternoon spent visiting your favourite neighbourhood boutiques – whether you’re picking up a bouquet of zinnias, choosing a fresh-baked baguette, or browsing for a handmade gift from local artisans.  Enhanced health and safety protocols might mean the local shopping experience looks a little different these days, but there are still plenty of great reasons to support small businesses close to home.

5 good reasons to shop local now

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How shopping locally enriches the community

  1. Small businesses give neighbourhoods a unique sense of character. Your local “Main Street” is a lively hub where the stores, restaurants, and businesses make it a place worth visiting. They offer experiences you won’t find at the chain stores found in every major town and city.
  2. Independent boutiques offer personalized customer service with knowledgeable staff and a curated inventory of unique items from smaller brands that you just won’t find at big box stores. Strike up a relationship with a local merchant and you might enjoy a sneak peek at new merchandise, or be able to make a special order.
  3. Often the environment benefits when you shop local. If customers can walk or bike to the merchant’s physical location, that’s a win on the emissions front. When small businesses choose to produce or resell locally made products they create a much smaller carbon footprint than importing goods from afar.
  4. Shopping close to home also means investing your dollars back into your local economy, which can create jobs, boost property values, attract tourism, and ensure the community has access to a diverse array of amenities.
  5. Locally owned businesses support each other. Small business owners tend to also shop locally, for both personal and business needs, in turn helping other businesses to grow.

How to show your support

Wash your hands, put on a mask, and get outside to revisit beloved local boutiques, discover new gems in your  ’hood, or around town. If you don’t feel comfortable visiting stores in person just yet, consider shopping online or lending your support through other means.

  • Spread the word: Write a positive online review or tell a friend about an amazing local merchant. Word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals go a long way in helping to promote small businesses.
  • Join the conversation: Follow local stores and brands on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and sign up for their digital newsletters to receive updates on new products. Like, share, save, and comment on their posts and interact with content frequently.
  • Consider local e-commerce options: Many smaller retailers have pivoted their business models to offer online shopping, curbside pick-up, and at-home delivery for customers who aren’t able to visit in person. Next time you’re looking for home decor items, books, or skincare products, to name just a few, skip the big-name online marketplaces and buy direct from sellers in your city.
  • Purchase a gift card: Gift cards are a great way to support small businesses from afar. Shop online for vouchers that can be redeemed later or sent as gifts.

Yellow Pages is here to help

For over a century, Yellow Pages has been the leader in connecting Canadians with local stores, restaurants and service providers across the country. At YP.ca it’s now easier than ever to shop local online: look for the shopping cart icon to indicate that the merchant is offering e-commerce services.

From safe in-person experiences to convenient curbside pick-up and online shopping options, now is the perfect time to shop local and support Canada’s independent businesses.

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