5 great ideas for renovating a loft

December 17, 2014

Thinking of turning the loft in your home into a beautiful living space? It's a great idea that can also increase the value of your home.

5 great ideas for renovating a loft

1. It adds more living space

Maybe you've outgrown your current home the way it is now, or maybe you’ve always wanted a bigger home. Renovating a loft is an excellent alternative to buying a whole new house if all you need is a little extra space.

2. You can create a home office that's out of the way

Maybe you currently have a desk set up to do work in your basement, bedroom or in a corner of your living room. If this is the case, you have surely realized that trying to get work done in the middle of the action is not ideal. It’s hard to concentrate with so much going on around you.

3. It can be an awesome bedroom for a teenager

Many teenagers like to have their own private space away from the rest of the family. You often hear of teenagers taking over the basement. But for a teenager, moving his or her bedroom to a loft is so much cooler.

4. Use it as a relaxing area in your home

If you’re into yoga, meditation or simply want a place that’s out of the way to re-group and relax, a loft could be the perfect solution. Decorate the space with some soothing colours, candles and maybe a sound system to play music to help you unwind.

5. Why not turn your loft into a library?

If you have more books than space to put them, you might want to consider creating your own mini library in the loft of your home. Getting all your books up there initially might be annoying, but once they’re all there for you to browse at your leisure, you’ll love going up there to search for a book to read. You can even put a comfortable chair or bean bag to lounge on while reading.

Renovating your loft isn't just a good idea for you and your family to enjoy; it’s also a smart thing to do if you anticipate that you will be selling your house. You will be able to list your house as having more square footage, and when people see the loft, the cool factor of your house will go up exponentially.

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