4 cool things you can do by setting aside five dollars a day

January 29, 2015

Saving money can be tough these days, but it helps to have goals. Here are four cool things you can do simply by setting aside five dollars a day.

4 cool things you can do by setting aside five dollars a day

1. Enjoy a nice dinner out at week's end

If you save five dollars per day for a week, you can treat yourself to a nice dinner out on Sunday night. Thirty-five dollars can get you an entrée and a glass of wine at a decent restaurant.

  • If you're careful about spending during the week and cut back on buying, for example, that extra fancy coffee in the afternoon or how often you eat lunch at the food court, having something like a nice dinner to look forward to can be a great reward and extra incentive.

2. Buy a new outfit at the end of the month

If you save five dollars per day for a full month, you'll have enough money to buy yourself a new outfit.

  • For $150 you can buy a new pair of jeans and a nice shirt or sweater. Or you could buy a new pair of shoes, a jacket or coat that you've been eyeing.

It might seem like a splurge to spend a lot of money on clothes all at once, but when you put away such a small amount each day, it'll feel like you've earned it.

3. Snap up a new high-tech gadget in half a year

By saving five dollars per day for six months, you could purchase a new computer, tablet, or other hi-tech gadget.

  • Things like this are nice to have, but it can be hard to budget for them when you have so many other expenses.

That's why it's easier to save up for big expenses, such as these, by tucking away a little each day without having them add stress to your financial responsibilities.

4. Take a dream vacation before you know it

If you save five dollars per day for an entire year, chances are you'll be able to afford a vacation to a destination of your choice! Where could you go with $1,825 in your pocket?

  • With $1,825, you could afford a flight and accommodations to such exotic destinations as Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica or other places you've only ever always dreamed of visiting.

Many people find it hard to spend money on travel and vacation but if you think of it as just five dollars a day, or the cost of a latte or beer, you can easily save the money to take the trip of your dreams.

Setting goals is important if you want to save money because it gives you concrete achievements to work for, like going on a vacation or buying a new car. With these cool things you can do by putting aside just five dollars each day, you'll be on your way to rewarding yourself very soon.

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