5 guest books you actually want to keep out after the wedding

November 3, 2015

Ideas for guest books you will actually want to keep out after the wedding

A guest book is a wonderful way to preserve the memories and well wishes from your big day. Think beyond the traditional scrapbook and use these unique ideas to find a guest book that will serve as a fun reminder of your wedding day for years to come.

5 guest books you actually want to keep out after the wedding

1. Coffee table books

There are thousands of good coffee table books filled with pictures that mean something to you and your partner. Find one with ample border space around pictures and have guests leave messages in it. Think mountain views for the adventurers, culinary delights for the foodies, or something music themed for the rockers.

2. Wooden games

If you're the kind of couple who loves to cozy up and play games on a cold night, providing a wooden game such as a puzzle or Jenga is a great way to get loving reminders all year long. Have guests sign pieces with a fine-tip marker, and cherish their words every time you play!

3. Wine bottles

Save a couple of bottles from your wedding bar and showcase them on a table with metallic permanent markers. Invite your guests to leave a message on the bottles and save them for your one-year anniversary. Celebrate by drinking the wine and reminiscing over the messages of love and well-wishes!

4. Vintage postcards

You can order these by the bundle from sites like Amazon and eBay, and set them out for guests to send you sweet messages. The real fun begins when the wedding is over and you can design a gorgeous display with them in your home!

5. Photo project

Take a traditional guest book and spice it up with fun photos of your guests from the wedding. Set up a photo station and have guests take instant snapshots with a photo booth or Polaroid, then glue it in and leave a sweet note!

6. Craft up a quilt

Whether you're a novice with the sewing machine or a lifelong lover of all things crafty, having guests sign pieces of fabric to turn into a quilt guarantees you'll be wrapped in love. You can design it to be as simple or complex as you want, making something that fits your life and your home.

Whatever you decide, find something that you absolutely love and will want to keep out! Guest books are a wonderful reminder of your special day, and like every other aspect of your wedding, should reflect your own personal style.

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