5 helpful hints to improve cordless phone performance

July 27, 2015

Cordless phones are some of the handiest and hardest-working appliances in your home. Here are ways to keep them working flawlessly.

5 helpful hints to improve cordless phone performance

1. Getting a stronger sound

Make sure the antennas on the base and the handset are fully extended to avoid sound fading or fluttering.

2. Getting rid of interference

Switching channels on the cordless phone can reduce interference which comes from other appliances, like television or vacuums. Some models will switch automatically when they detect interference, while others require you to switch channels manually.

3. It's all about that base

Plugging the base into a different outlet can sometimes reduce the amount of interference as well. Moving the base upstairs in a two-storey house may also help.

4. Keep your battery charged

The transmission quality of the phone gets poorer as the battery power drops. Keep your battery charged at all times by returning it to base between phone calls. The battery only recharges when the handset is returned to the base.

5. Clean the contacts

Clean the metal contacts on the handset and base periodically with a pencil eraser. This will ensure a proper connection when charging your phone.

Follow the above helpful hints and it will go a long way to improve phone reception and increase battery performance.

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