5 hints for making a dog-proof kitty litter box

November 3, 2015

Any pet owner with both cats and dogs is likely aware of the gross reality that dogs like to eat what they find in the litter box. Here are 5 creative tips for how you can make your kitty litter box dog-proof.

5 hints for making a dog-proof kitty litter box

1. Small openings

Cats can generally fit into much tinier spaces than dogs, and understanding this is the key to designing a dog-proof litter box. Enclosing the litter box and creating a small opening gives the cat access to the kitty litter while preventing the dog from getting inside.

2. Repurposed old furniture

An old chest, cabinet or toy box can easily be repurposed into a dog-proof enclosure for a litter box. Simply create a small entry point for the cat and ensure there is a front or top opening to give yourself access to the litter box for cleaning. Start by marking a small area on the side or front of the box for the cat entrance and cut it out with a jigsaw. Sand the opening smooth. Then open the top or side door of the chest or cabinet and place the litter box inside. You might need to secure the door with a hook if you think the dog will be able to open it.

3. Large plastic storage containers

A large plastic storage container with a lid would also work as an enclosure for a litter box. Cut a hole on one side for the cat entrance using a box cutter or scissors and sand it smooth. Place the litter box inside and put the lid on top to keep the dog out.

4. Closets

Another option is to enclose the litter box in a closet. Clear out the floor of a closet and place the litter box inside. Install a hook-and-eye latch that's long enough to allow the door to stay slightly ajar, giving the cat enough room to squeeze in and out, while keeping the dog out.

5. Behind closed doors

If you don't like the idea of putting the litter box into some kind of enclosure, consider cutting a hole in a door. This will give the cat access to the room where you keep the litter box while keeping the dog out. Remove the door from its hinges and lay it on a horizontal surface. Measure and sketch out the shape of the opening you want to create and cut it out with a jigsaw. Sand and finish the edges and rehang the door.

Dogs and cats can live together in harmony, but sometimes it requires a little creativity from their owners to make it happen.

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