5 hints to make moving your business virtually stress-free

November 29, 2014

A commercial move can herald a new dawn for your business, but it can also be frazzling. Here are five hints to make moving your business virtually stress-free.
Plan carefully

A well-laid plan is only the beginning. A successful commercial move requires certain necessary arrangements in order to minimize the impact on your business and your sanity. Every aspect and detail of the move must be considered.

Hint #1:Before signing the lease inspect the new premises

Inspect the new premises and evaluate it in terms of space and capacity.Issues relating to data infrastructure, suspended ceilings or air conditioning may require technical assistance—and incur additional charges. This is the time to approach the property manager or owner's representative and discuss the building's alarm systems and security.

Hint #2:Keep employees in the loop

Relocation usually means a change in work habits, which can be stressful. Human resources can help you. You can use internal memos, a newsletter or the office intranet to inform your employees of the move a few months in advance.

Hint #3: Researchcompanies that only move businesses

Ideally, you should consult with a moving company that specializes in moving businesses. They offer trucks, labour, equipment and all the moving materials required for carefully packing and unpacking valuable property. You can streamline your search by asking colleagues and friends for the names of companies they recommend.
Various services

  • Complete packing and unpacking
  • Layout and design planning
  • Dismantling and re-assembling workstations and furniture
  • Transporting files and folders, depending on classification
  • Re-arranging office furniture and case goods according to the client’s instructions

Specialists for moving commercial and heavy loads

  • Pizza oven
  • Safe
  • Photocopier
  • Oversized office equipment

Hint #4: Have a moving schedule and follow it

Normally, the management side of the moving company organizes the team and puts a plan in place to schedule a time to pack up the office. Furniture and office equipment will make the trip in a truck customized to accommodate them. This will ensure everything travels safely during the move.

Once there, your equipment will be unpacked, installed, and you’ll be almost ready to resume your day-to-day operations.

To minimize disruption for your business and employees, be diligent about adhering to the schedule so everyone knows what to expect and when.

Hint #5: Make the change ofaddressofficial

Well ahead of moving day, notify everyone in one swoopof the pending change in address: If you trickle out the information, chances are someone will get accidentally overlooked, which could wind up costing your business money if clients can't find you. Also, don't forget to include the date so they know when the changes take effect.

Here's a checklist of who you should notify:

  • Phone service
  • Internet provider
  • Electric utilities
  • Alarm system company
  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Professional service providers including an accountant, notary and lawyer
  • Professional associations
  • Federal and provincial government agencies
  • Municipality for taxes and licenses.
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Payroll
  • Post office for mail re-routing
  • Department of transport and motor vehicles

Implementing these strategies will allow for a smooth transition while you move your business to greater heights.

5 hints to make moving your business virtually stress-free
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