5 ideas to make a small space brighter

June 24, 2014

Whether you have a small living room or a cosy nook, there are a few simple steps you can follow to make your space the brightest it can be.

5 ideas to make a small space brighter

If a room seems too small, dark or cluttered, the main culprit may be lighting.

  • Lighting is a crucial component in any room's decor — but it's even more important in smaller floor plans like apartments and living spaces in older homes.

1. Make the most of natural lighting

When considering the light in a room, first take stock of the natural light available.

  • Use window treatments in lighter colours, or if you prefer drapes or curtains, use ties or hooks to pull them back and let the light in.

2. Use all of your space

In the evenings, or if outdoor light to your living room is blocked by a tree or an adjacent building, arrange lighting in a way that highlights each area of the space.

  • A floor lamp or a small table with a reading lamp is a warming addition to corners that are naturally dark. Wall sconces are another way to brighten areas — or highlight any art or decorative pieces you have — and add layers and textures to the lighting in your small room.

3. Include ceiling lights

Effective use of dimming ceiling lights — especially in conjunction with the other lighting — can add another dimension to your room's space.

4. Don't forget all four corners

To make sure that you're using your light sources to their best effect, check all four of your small room's corners for natural light and low-light.

  • Some light should be reaching each corner at all times of day.

5. Work with mirrors

One way to make this possible, without adding an excessive number of lights, is to use mirrors in a tasteful, effective manner to reflect light into the darker areas.

  • Effective use of mirrors means that they are placed strategically to reflect the available light into the right spaces.
  • Mirrors, when used correctly, have the added benefit of making a smaller room appear larger.
  • But they can also make a room feel smaller if they are reflecting dark walls or objects.

Your space can feel bright and spacious

Using and controlling the light that comes into your living room can make the space brighter and feel more open and spacious. It's also doesn't have to cost much to do so.

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