5 indispensable packing tips for a hassle-free weekend getaway

November 6, 2014

Whether you're travelling by air or by road, packing for a weekend getaway requires planning. Avoid unnecessary inconvenience and stress with these 5 essential packing tips.

5 indispensable packing tips for a hassle-free weekend getaway

1. Pack light

Many factors determine the necessity of packed items, including your planned activities, destination and mode of transport, along with the weather forecast.

  • In most cases, it's appropriate to pack lightly for weekend getaways, whether you're a male or female traveller.
  • Carrying extra luggage can easily spoil your experience and increase baggage fees.
  • Making the most of packed items will see you through the weekend in either city or country environments.

2. Walk through your weekend

Mentally walking through the entire trip can reveal some minor (but essential) details you may otherwise have forgotten.

  • Compiling a packing list before the departure date ensures that nothing important is left behind.
  • Many non-apparel items should be on the list, including phone chargers, passports, medications, cameras and toiletries.
  • Make use of plastic bags for packing essential toiletries and other accessories.

3. Plan for the weather

Take note of weather forecasts and trends for your destination.

  • Packing for warm weather and then experiencing the opposite can ruin the entire trip. Likewise if you're off to a cold-weather destination.

4. Remember not all items were created equal

  • One of the best ways of packing for a weekend getaway is to include more tops than bottoms.
  • They not only weigh less but are generally changed more often.
  • The same applies to socks and undergarments.

Opting for two pairs of shoes and no more than six clothing items, in addition to essential accessories, eliminates the need to haul a heavy bag on your trip.

5. Keep your mode of transport in mind

How you are travelling has a direct bearing on your choice of travel items.

By car

  • Travelling by car allows you to be more flexible and casual, thus avoiding the temptation to over-pack.
  • However, the vehicle also makes it possible to include bulky items if needed.

By train, bus or plane

  • Taking a train, bus or plane means you should focus on the essentials to keep your luggage compact and manageable.
  • The bags must be easy to carry and slide into racks or confined spaces.
  • Paying close attention to airline regulations concerning carry-on luggage can save you a lot of hassle.
  • Wearing the heaviest clothing items, such as big boots and coats, on a flight helps reduce your carry-on weight.

Even if you anticipate a lot of clothing changes on your weekend getaway, try to pack as lightly as possible so that carrying luggage doesn't slow you down.

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