5 kayaking destinations around Vancouver Island

November 3, 2015

Kayaking around the small islands off Vancouver Island's coast lets outdoor enthusiasts experience the beauty of nature in a way that is unique to this beautiful region. A kayak allows an adventure seeker to be closer to the water than almost any other sport; you skim through the water's surface, while feeling its movement and waves through every fibre of your body.  To experience this sense of oneness with nature, consider the kayaking experiences of of the following five places,

5 kayaking destinations around Vancouver Island

1. Boundary Pass

  • This area should only be attempted in good weather and by kayakers comfortable remaining on the water for five hours or more.
  • This is one of the most picturesque, geologically unique areas around, offering both sandstone cliffs and sandy, sheltered beaches.
  • Camping is available in select areas, such as on Cabbage Island, but fresh water is not publicly available, so pack enough to last the whole trip.

2.D'Arcy Island

  • Little D'Arcy Island is a private island, while Big D'Arcy Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, open for picnicking and camping.
  • Kayakers can enjoy bird watching on the beaches of the kayak-friendly Sidney Spit Marine Park.
  • In a kayak, you can also carefully navigate among shoals, reefs, islets and rocks that border the island's waters.

3. Portland Island

  • Kayakers can navigate the waters around Portland Island, where your chances are high for glimpsing the abundance of wildlife, such as raccoon and mink.
  • Enjoy a peaceful camping experience at one of the island's three beaches.
  • You can also go out for a short afternoon trip, enjoying a picnic and photo opportunities along the way.
  • Check the maps, weather, and watch the tides to ensure the smoothest passage.

4. Discovery Island

  • Expect to see stunning scenery, as well as access to a few modern amenities, such as Discovery Islands Lodge, while you're here.
  • Kayaking across Plumper Passage to get to Discovery Island means crossing some treacherous water, so beginners should not head out without an experienced guide, though there are tours available to accommodate novices.

5. Sandy Island

  • You can also paddle around the Eastern seaboard's biggest undeveloped freshwater island, Sandy Island.
  • Kayaking tours let guests travel the creeks and streams that spread like spiderweb across the area, providing an up-close and personal view of the island's natural and pristine beauty.
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