5 methods for increasing energy and motivation

November 3, 2015

Finding the motivation to complete a task can feel like an uphill battle. It comes and goes, but you can accomplish your goals no matter how unmotivated you may feel. Here are five tips to help you get up the energy to carpe diem!

5 methods for increasing energy and motivation

1. Set one goal at a time

If you're unmotivated to finish a looming project, break it down into one small goal at a time. Sometimes, you may feel "stuck" because your mind is so overwhelmed by the overall breadth of the task at hand. For example, instead of beating yourself up because you lack the motivation to clean the house, set just one simple goal of cleaning the bathroom floor.

2. Start small

When you have a large-scale goal in mind, think of the smallest, easiest task you can accomplish right away. For instance, if you dread reading an entire novel before your English Lit test on Monday, commit to reading one chapter. If a whole chapter is too difficult, set the bar lower by reading just two pages. Sometimes, just getting started is the hardest part.

3. Reward every accomplishment

A reward system is a great motivator. If you've neglected balancing your checking account and your goal is to complete this task, don't get discouraged by the endless list of transactions that need to be debited and credited. Set the goal of completing one day's worth of transactions to earn a reward. Your reward can be as simple indulging in 15 minutes on social or watching an episode of your favourite series.

4. Create a daily schedule

Although some people work best under pressure, there's no guarantee that you'll be motivated enough to complete your goal in the final hour. If you have a week to finish a manuscript for your publisher but you can't seem to sit down and do it, write down a set schedule of daily tasks that will get you to your goal.

5. Envision the benefits

Rather than thinking about how hard it is to accomplish your goal, envision the benefits of achieving it. Dwelling on the amount of work and sacrifice necessary to lose 20 pounds can be demoralizing. Instead, envision how much better you'll feel wearing your skinny jeans or fitting into your wedding dress when you're 20 pounds lighter.

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