5 must-have accessories for yoga enthusiasts

November 3, 2015

The ancient practise of yoga continues to grow and attract new people. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practising for years, here are 5 accessories that can help improve your workout.

5 must-have accessories for yoga enthusiasts

1. Yoga mat

A good yoga mat is an essential for anyone interested in practising yoga.

  • There are plenty of options spanning different levels of cost and quality.
  • The material can also vary, with some mats made of polyurethane or textured rubber and others made of all-natural materials.

The key is to find a mat that meets your needs.

  • For example, if you plan to carry your mat to and from a yoga studio several times a week, you probably want to find a mat that is compact and lightweight, making it easier to carry.
  • You should also ensure that the mat you choose is made of a material that will not slip on the surface where you will be practicing yoga.

2. Yoga mat towel

To prevent sweaty hands and limbs from causing you to lose your balance while in a pose, you can place a yoga towel over your mat.

  • Look for a yoga mat towel that is soft, absorbent and has a textured surface that will provide extra grip.

3. Yoga blocks and straps

Proper posture and technique are imperative for preventing injuries.

  • If you have a preexisting injury or tight muscles, a yoga block or strap can help you perform poses correctly while preventing injury.

4. Toeless yoga socks

In order to prevent their feet from slipping during yoga, most yogis remove their socks. However, having cold feet can disrupt the entire flow of yoga and take all the fun out of it.

  • If you are prone to having cold feet, consider a pair of toeless yoga socks.
  • Leaving your toes uncovered for greater flexibility and movement, these socks have grips on the bottom to prevent slipping and are a comfortable yet safe way of keeping your feet warm.

5. Carrying bag

Keep your mat looking as good as new with a quality yoga carrying bag.

  • When shopping for a bag, look for one with a drawstring opening large enough for easy mat removal.
  • Yoga carrying bags are available with either a single shoulder strap or two backpack-style straps.

With the right accessories, your yoga experience will be more comfortable, effective and rewarding.

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